Dr. Cheryl Zimmerman

Dr. Zimmerman is one of two doctors at Tender Care. Dr. Cheryl is a 2007 Iowa State University graduate and has been practicing at T.C.A.H. since April of 2014. Cheryl is always kept on her toes being a mother of three children as well as three dogs but still dreams of owning a miniature highland cow. She loves all food but definitely won’t turn down a cashew nut roll from the Iowa State Fair. Her favorite part about working at Tender Care is the wonderful support she receives from the staff. She says they make her workday so much easier and way more fun. She also loves connecting with patients’ families and hearing about the cute and entertaining things the pets do at home.

Dr. Alinda Sabourin

Dr. Sabourin graduated from Iowa State College of Veterinary Medicine in 2008, she joined TCAH in Sept of 2018. Her practice interests include dermatology (particularly allergy cases), senior wellness, soft tissue surgery, and exotic animal medicine. Alinda resides in Riverside where she lives with her husband, son Huxley, 4 dogs, and homing pigeons. She is an avid hunter and enjoys spending as much time outdoors as possible, splitting her time between a tree stand and hunting with her Deutsch Drahthaars. When not outdoors, she also enjoys dog training and reading science fiction.

Veterinary Technicians/Assistants


Carly has been with Tender Care since October 2016. She has two cats, Stella and Daphne. Carly has a rather long list of animals that she wishes to own someday, but if she had to pick one, it would be Toothless the dragon from the movie, How to Train Your Dragon. Her favorite food is a tie between french toast or the deluxe grilled cheese from Salt ‘N Fork Kitchen, a restaurant in her hometown Solon, Iowa. Carly’s favorite thing about working at Tender Care is the tremendous learning experience that comes with each and every day. She loves being able to watch as patients grow, improve in health, and live happy lives.


Pieper started at Tender Care in March 2019. Her favorite food is falafel and she has two Yorkies, Zeke, and Gracie, a hedgehog Lulu, and cat Delores. She dreams of having a tiger or any large, exotic cat as a pet. Her favorite thing about being a part of the Tender Care team is working with such smart, compassionate people, who share the same deep love for animals as she does.


Gavin has been with Tender Care since July of 2018. His partner in crime is Macie, a mini Australian Shepard. Aside Macie, Gavin has another dog, a pig, two horses, and an abundance of farm cats. He loves Mexican food and his dream pet would be an Okapi. Gavin’s favorite thing about working at T.C.A.H. is how each day he is faced with different scenarios that challenge his abilities in the workplace.

Registered Veterinary Technicians


Crystal started at Tender Care in January of 2019. She graduated from Murray State University with a Bachelor’s in Animal Health Technology in 2012. Crystal is a Registered Veterinary Technician and has been working with animals since 2007. She is also in the process of earning her master’s degree through Iowa State University. Crystal is married and they have a daughter, Journey. At home they have two cats, Victor and Lyric, and a dog named Riot. Her favorite kind of food is Italian, and at some point, in the future, she hopes to adopt an orphaned sloth, as well as own multiple Sphinx cats. Her favorite thing about working at Tender Care is getting to learn about and help care for the many exotic animals that we see.


Olivia is a recent veterinary technician graduate from Muscatine Community College in 2018 with an Associates in Veterinary Science, and is a registered veterinary technician, with a goal to further her career specializing in radiology. She has an English bulldog named Leonard who slobbers A LOT, and son Jaxon who doesn’t slobber near as much. She loves to kayak, fish, play sports with her son and when not outside she enjoys a good book. Olivia has a mean sweet tooth for chocolate chips cookies, and enjoys a fresh bowl of authentic ramen noodles. Her dream someday is to own her own piece of land to have her potbellied pig and space to breath. Olivia’s favorite thing about working at TenderCare is learning all about the exotics and reptiles we care for.


Chareena has been with Tender Care since August 2019. Chareena is a veterinary technician and has been working with animals since 2005. She enjoys life with her two cats, Milo & Bebe, and her two puppers, Nala & Freyja. Besides her pets, Chareena has 4 kids who entertain her endlessly. To match her tattoo, Chareena would love a real Cheetah. Chareena has a huge soft spot for baby animals, which happens to be one of her favorite parts of working at Tender Care and our sister clinic All Pets.

Veterinary Management Associate/Receptionist


Meaghan has been employed at T.C.A.H. since April of 2018. She has two cats, Gandalf and Luna. Although she dreams of owning an alpaca someday. Meaghan loves Greek food and chocolate cake. Meaghan has been a great addition to our team and never fails to crack a laugh out of any team member. Her favorite thing about her job here at Tender Care is being able to watch the puppies and kittens grow up and live happy lives.